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Move Washer


The worst part of unpacking your belongings in your new home is finding them damaged. Not surprisingly, we know which household items are most likely to break and it’s typically because they aren’t packed properly. The obvious suggestion is to pay a professional to pack these items. However, should you choose to do it yourself, the most important factor in protecting your items is to use the proper box.

Available to our valued customers are the following materials:

Bubble Wrap
Packing Paper
Mattress cover boxes
1.5 Cubic Feet (Books)
3.0 Cubic Feet (Medium)
4.5 Cubic Feet (Large)
5.0 Cubic Feet (Dish Packs)
6.0 Cubic Feet (Linens)
Wardrobe (Clothing)
Mirror Pack (Mirror / Art)
Custom Crates
Move Boxes