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Cali Relocation Systems Reviews And Ratings

4.9 rating
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 31 reviews)
Very good6%

Interstate move from California to Dallas, TX

5.0 rating
April 18, 2019

1,400miles, nothing was broken, no leakage of any kind and all this was on top of the fact that it had been in storage for 30 days between moves! Having an interval like this means that they had to move my items at least 3 or 4 times. But what motivated me to write the recommendation was my two delivery guys, both named Angel. Wow.. They were so concerned to not just to get the right bed in the correct room but aim the bed the right way and get it located just right. And the younger of the two Angels was concerned that that he find the the little handmade cardboard box containing the glass insets to go in my bedside table indicated on the item list. Little things like that. I mean these were big 230-240lbs dudes, strong as ox but still actively concerned about the details. They went out of their way to make the delivery as quick and as cheap as possible. Recommend CRS without hesitation …. and just hope that I get the two ANGELS again! Peace!

Paul Blocksom

Interstate move from Riverside, CA to Seattle, WA

5.0 rating
April 18, 2019

I cannot speak enough praise about George and his team at California Relocation Systems. We had our previous company (Excaliber Moving) cancel our move, and we found ourselves in need of a truck in 3 days, to move almost 1000 miles! Tom was able to walk me through the process and get our inventory detailed. Tom was much more knowledgeable than anyone else I had previously spoken to. We set everything up on Friday afternoon around pm. Saturday we were in constant communication with Dawn and George. Steve and his team were supposed to arrive Wednesday, but the weather wasn’t ideal, so Thursday morning around 8 am. Steve and his movers were able to pack up the entire truck in 4.5 hours. They departed at 1pm and they were professional/well mannered. All had matching uniforms and came in a California Relocation Systems truck. The next day, the crew of 3 delivering our belongings called with a delivery time of 12:30/1:00 pm. They arrived at 12:30 and began unpacking. The only hold up was Cali Relocation Systems approving the payment amount because the movers were so fast! We got them paid, and they departed at 5:30 pm with everything put together in the correct rooms. George, again, was in constant communication and was able to answer any questions we might have. We will be buying a house next year, and this is the moving company we will use, and recommend to others. George is the MAN! Thank You California Relocation Systems!

Alison Tiede

Interstate move from Oceanside, CA to Washington

4.0 rating
April 18, 2019

This was the first time I had made a long interstate move so although I had moved many times before, this was totally new to me. George took the time to explain everything to me in great detail. The movers arrived on schedule and did their job very professionally and efficiently. The move was very difficult do to very bad weather but they did everything they could to get my delivery as soon as they could. They arrived and unloaded very quickly and were very professional at all times.

Michael Levine

Interstate move from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL

5.0 rating
April 18, 2019

Thank you so much California Relocation Systems! From start to finish they helped me remain calm when moving across the country. Everything was explained in detail about what I needed to handle, and what they would handle. Dawn emailed me a booklet explaining how to pack my items, and it had great tips on getting organized. Even when I moved my dates, they made it work! My Relocation Specialist was Danielle. She answered all of my questions and responded to me even at 9:00 at night on a Sunday. She helped me find restaurants in Chicago and recommended a realtor.
When moving day came the drivers showed up on time, and called to let me know they were on the way. They took care of disassembling my beds, dressers, tables and I paid extra for them to pack my TVs, mirrors, and tables in special boxes. The wrapped all of my grandmother’s antiques. It was well worth the cost! They took such good care of my items and packed the truck with efficiency while I sat back and relaxed. I was provided copies of all of my inventory lists and documentation before they left. All of my items arrived at my new home in no time, and in perfect condition. When the movers arrived at the new house, they unloaded all the boxes and furniture, and they even placed them in the right rooms for easy unpacking!
Everyone that I encountered, whether on the phone or in person, was very friendly and professional. I cannot thank them enough for their excellent customer service and eagerness to help! Thank you!

Tariq Darwish

Interstate move from California to Staten Island, NY

5.0 rating
April 18, 2019

My wife and I are moving across the country, and we researched several options to get us to New York. We looked at pods, uhaul, even shipping it via freight. We finally chose California Relocation Systems. From the time I contacted them and Jim handled booking the crew to move us until the entire trailer was packed and the doors were closed, the entire California Relocation Systems team was highly professional and delivered service well-beyond our expectations.
They provided me with a written and detailed quote for services ahead of time, and then the crew leader went over the hard-copy paperwork for me to sign when they arrived. The pricing was very fair, and the quote was accurate as well.
At first, a three man crew arrived as per my expectation (Art, Steve, Danny); however, once the team and I walked the house and the team leader realized that they were understaffed, he asked my permission to bring in another team member. When I asked him to explain why another man was needed, he explained that the job was larger than they expected (based upon what I told Jim initially) and that another crew member would allow them to more efficiently loan and wrap in less time. Basically, a shared workload with a larger crew would save me time and money. They didn’t charge me anything additional and it allowed the crew to work more efficiently. Thanks for joining the crew, Manny!
I ordered a 26′ trailer (based upon the shipping company estimate and recommendation), but the trailer was simply not going to be large enough to fit everything; nevertheless, I asked the crew to pack as much as they could and when we got to the end we could decide what would stay and what would go. Well, these guys amazed me by packing the trailer completely – and I mean completely full so that anything left we could transport ourselves in our personal vehicles. The crew treated our household goods with the utmost respect. They wrapped our furniture in blankets and shrink-wrap so that it was completely protected. Bottom line: they treated our stuff as if it was their own stuff. I love these guys!!
I appreciate seeing excellence in action. From professional athletes to scholars, our society recognizes and appreciates people that are the best at what they do. I can say without a doubt that the California Relocation Systems team that handled my move are the very best at what they do, and I am grateful to have found them.
Thanks again, guys!
If you are fortunate enough to have any one of these guys on a crew handling your move consider yourself blessed. Having four all-stars was amazing!!

Abraham Kh