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Cali Relocation Systems Reviews And Ratings

4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 32 reviews)
Very good6%

Please stay away from this company!

1.0 rating
May 3, 2019

California Relocation recently completed a move for me from California to Texas. The movers were 4 hours late to my house. They took about 9 hours to load. They were late getting to my Texas home as well. Several items were damaged. And they drastically over charge me for the move. I am proceeding with a claim against this company. I will put all the details (including names) of the settlement on social media. Stand by.

Conley Robinson

Interstate move from Riverside, CA to Seattle, WA

5.0 rating
April 18, 2019

These movers were awesome. Hard to find a mover to trust these days I’ve been burnt in a lot of situations because I move a lot around for work. I went with these guys based on the rawness “they didn’t try and lowball me like the other quotes I got. So since they didn’t try and lowball me I figured they may be more honest and I was right the move went smooth.


Interstate move from Miami, FL to Brooklyn, NY

5.0 rating
April 18, 2019

Props to Cali Relocation Systems on an awesome move. Me and my boo moved from Georgia to Texas and everything went proper, all of our gear made it through all right and no problems with the furniture, even our little boy was stoked because all of his toys made it through without a scratch. The price was on point and they didn’t make us wait no longer than they told us it would be. Cali Relocation even set us up with an auto transporter, the price was right and no damage to the paint or rims, no problem. I’m going to spread the word to my boys Cali, thanks for the killer move and making sure everything was done solid.

Debbie Taylor

Interstate move from Riverside, CA to Dallas, TX

5.0 rating
April 18, 2019

I booked my family’s move across the country with California Relocation Systems and in hindsight I have to say that I made a fantastic choice. The main concern that my husband and I had was the timing of the move- with three kids it’s not the easiest thing to pack up and go a couple of thousand miles to a new home. Clothes, furniture, really everything is out of reach for a period of time. The good news is that our belongings were delivered quicker than we expected and everything made it through just fine. The furniture, the kids’ toys, even my husband’s golf clubs were delivered without a scratch. On top of that they even arranged to have one of our cars transported so the whole family could make the drive in one vehicle. As a mother that was very important to me so I could keep my eye on everyone and help to make sure that we all arrived safe and sound.
I did my homework, it was up to me to budget the move and get the best possible service at a reasonable price. I can safely say that I succeeded, the price was fair and the quality of the move was everything that I hoped it would be. Five stars California Relocation Systems, thank you for making a very difficult situation easier than I expected, if my husband gets transferred again we’ll use your company next time for sure.

Amy Austin

Interstate move from Riverside, CA to Dallas, TX

5.0 rating
April 18, 2019

I was moving for work and found California Relocation Systems on Google. I have to be very carful on who I hire because I have extremely expensive furniture. I took three quotes per the regulations of my employers and decided on moving forward with Michael. Michael was very friendly and was meticulous on going through my entire inventory and explaining how my antiques, paintings, china, and most importantly my sports memorabilia was going to be packed. His quote wasn’t the cheapest but Michael made me feel the most comfortable out of all 3 companies I spoke to. I received a welcome call from a nice lady named Dawn whom went through the complete process of my move then emailed me a recap of the conversation. She explained to me they will bring all of the packaging materials and do everything for me and didn’t have to worry about anything. I also bought the full valuation insurance from Bakers International. Robert and his crew showed up the day before the move to do a walk through and give me a revised estimate. Our move was done over the phone with Michael so I wanted to make sure the price would not change. Michael’s quote was pretty much dead on. Everything Michael explained to me at the beginning was how it went on moving day. Robert and his team took their time made sure I was comfortable with how my more expensive items were being packed. I have 2 small children. One of the guys was so kid with them. Played with them while I was doing the walk through with Robert and being extra nice to my wife (who was extremely nervous). Robert and his team were on time both days. I was so happy with the job they did. I had to be at work the following day which was a Friday. I paid extra for a guaranteed delivery day and they were right on time. It took them 3 days to get to us. Bright and early Monday morning Robert and his team were there ready to roll. It took them all day but they unpacked and reassembled all of my beds, tables, and even hung my 80 inch Television. I bought all of them dinner and got to know Robert on more of a personal level. I can’t say enough about California Relocation Systems. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for great service and a truly great moving experience.