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Cali Relocation Systems Reviews And Ratings

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Horrible. Took deposit and would not refund

1.0 rating
September 18, 2019

I canceled within the refund time… Was told my refund was being processed and even have email proof of that. Yet two months later when I called because I’ve never received it they are saying they won’t refund me. Horrible horrible losing thousands of dollars and having them hang up on you and just say that they are refunding you.

Julie igarta


1.0 rating
September 16, 2019

PLS STAY AWAY FROM CALIFORNIA RELOCATION SYSTEMS. What a horrible experience. They are very prompt in proving quotes, doing follow ups and making sure we pay the initial deposit. They followed up a couple of days before the stated pick up dates and showed up on time. I informed them my new address on July 6 and asked them for an ETA for the goods to be delivered. This is where the ordeal begins. The customer service rep (Dawn Wade) is highly incompetent. The only answer she can say is “I will update you once I load your stuff in the truck”. She has absolutely no clue when that would be done. She claimed that they have their own trucks and also work with other carriers (This was surprising as the person I spoke initially claimed they own all their trucks and they are a full service company). Their contact # often goes to voice mail and she responds to emails (most of them) repeating the same answer like a parrot. A dumb answering machine can do that. When I requested her to call her truck department and expedite, she flatly refused.
After umpteen follow ups, they delivered my stuff only to see that they missed 3 of my boxes and broke my TV. Their offer is to pay $0.60/lb for my TV. Wow, at 30 lbs, that would fetch me a cool $18/- for TV worth $300+

Rajesh Subramanian


1.0 rating
August 25, 2019

California relocations deserves negative stars and needs to be put out of business. This is a horrible, incompetent company and morally decrepit. I moved from Redlands, CA to Savannah, GA.On my move out date, they inflated the cubic feet that I had to move (despite the initial quote) and added all these last minute, incidental costs amounting to an additional $2000. They demanded cash and tried to take advantage of the client being in a vulnerable, moving out situation. I refused. As a result, all of my large furniture got thrown away and only my boxes were moved to Georgia. When my boxes finally got to Georgia, a couple of the boxes were completely missing. Of the boxes that made it, over half were smashed and it was evident that they fell apart from being rough handled and haphazardly re-taped. I wished I could post photos of evidence of their ineptitude and careless work. Not surprisingly, multiple objects when I opened my boxes were destroyed and broken to pieces with glass shattered everywhere. Not only I am missing multiple items from my shipment, I actually got someone else’s large painting! What kind of clown moving company is this? Abysmal. Absolutely abysmal. If you had a move from Southern California recently and had a painting stored in their warehouse in Commerce and are missing your painting. Please let me know because I guarantee you, there will be no effort nor care on their part to get your missing valuables to you. Incompetence. Five year olds could have done a better job.



1.0 rating
July 7, 2019

WORSE BUSINESS ETHICS EVER DESERVES NO STARS Our dissatisfaction with the services of California Relocation Systems, notwithstanding the extensive damage to our furniture and our belief that we were the victims of deceptive sales tactics, related to the delays in picking up our furniture, communicating the status of our move, and the delays in delivering our possessions to our new home in Washington. The following are the events that took place with California Relocation Systems. I spoke with ******, the warehouse manager, on January 24, 2019 to make arrangements to have our furniture picked up from the two storage units we had rented in Escondido, CA and a few items from the rental home we are currently living in (in Escondido also). Friday, January 25, 2019 was established as the original date the movers were supposed to arrive. ****** told us that our possessions would be picked up between XX:XX-X:XX. He said there were trucks coming in from Texas for our possessions. I explained to ****** that if it took past 8:00 p.m. to finish loading from the storage units, we would not be permitted to stay at the storage because the elevator does not operate beyond that time, so we agreed to have them come on Saturday, January 26, 2019. ****** told me they would leave by 7:00 a.m. from Los Angeles and we would be their first customer. I told him let’s do it. He said the driver will call me when they are close. I agreed, since it seemed to make it convenient for all parties, even though we wasted the entire day on Friday. Ron and I figured if they left Los Angeles by 7:00 a.m. it would take approximately two hours to get to Escondido. We were waiting at the storage until 9:30 a.m. and had not received any communication from the movers. I tried to connect with Mr. Pistano to see if he knew their ETA but he ignored my call and email. I called customer service but they are not open on Saturdays. I finally received a call from an Armin, one of the movers at approximately 9:45 a.m. I told him he was late and he apologized. He said he would be arrive between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and I said “you promise” he said yes. I didn’t hear from him again until 11:38 a.m. when he said he would be there in ten minutes. The crew arrived at 1:00 p.m. The California Relocation Systems website instructs customers to keep the phone number and name of the salesperson handy. Once Mr. Mike Pistano, our salesman, received the down payment for our move, I never heard from him again. He just left us to deal with the issues ourselves. We were under the understanding that our furniture would be delivered by February 8, 2019. That was the date Mr. Pistano and I had discussed. The contract had the Move Day: Friday and Requested Move Date 02/08/2019. This is not a trivial point, since my husband is still working full time in Southern California, and had to take time off at work to be at our house in Sequim, WA for the receipt of our possessions. Ms. Dawn Wade from customer service called me and told me my move date was February 8th. I took it as the day it would be in Sequim. She told me that the furniture was going to be put into the truck on February 9, 2019. This was confusing. I explained to her that when I made arrangements with Mr. Pistano, we had agreed a delivery date of February 8th. She said no, that is the move date (I never understood the logic) and that the furniture would go into the truck on February 9th. I was becoming extremely irritated with Ms. Wade. However, she explained to me that in the contract it said they had up to three weeks from the “Move Date” to deliver the furniture. I told her I didn’t see that and all I saw was the move date. So, in essence, what she was telling me was that the date was not set in stone. This is something Mr. Pistano didn’t bother relating to us. I made it specific to him that we were getting flights out and needed a date at which time we thought it was February 8th. After becoming angry with Ms. Wade and jumping all over her case, I realized it was not her fault. Mr. Pistano gave me bad guidance and she had to be the one to explain how the moving business worked. After that, Ms. Wade and I were fine. She became my “go-to” person and kept me in the loop as often as possible. She was the only person at California Relocation that bothered with us. She even checked her emails on her days off. When speaking to Ms. Wade, she had received information that the truck should be in Sequim by Wednesday, February 13th, but Washington was snowed in and the roads were dangerous, so they were not able to leave. After the worst of the storm was over, the driver left Los Angeles February 13th. The driver, Yaz, said he would be at our home on February 16th because he was arriving late to Sequim on the 15th. I connected with him in the morning at 7:25 a.m. to find out what time he would be at the house. He said as soon has his other driver, Mike, arrived. He said he would be there soon. He said his partner that was driving the second truck was about an hour away. At 11:13 a.m., I asked Yaz if he heard from his partner he said he would be there in another hour in half. At 12:01 p.m., I received a text they were on their way. He offered multiple excuses on why Mike wasn’t there, including blaming it on the cost of the hotels. Once they arrived at the house, Yaz told me that the other driver was stuck in snow. The snow storm had ended at least five days prior to their arrival, so the roads were, at the most, wet. This was just another example of the multiple lies offered by the drivers of California Relocation Systems as it relates to our particular move. After Yaz and Mike had unloaded the trucks, the majority of the furniture was in the middle of the garage completely wrapped. Yaz asked me if we wanted to leave it in the garage or did we want to do that ourselves. I told him that after paying more than $15,000 for their services, we wanted them to take it in. When they finished moving the furniture into the house, there was a huge pile of boxes and tape in the garage. The attached photos include a picture of a portion of the mess left behind. I asked Yaz if he was going to take the boxes and he said no, my truck is clean I don’t want to get it dirty again. Then they left. They left us with a garage full of garbage, broken items and their advice to us was if there are any damages, we should take pictures and put in a claim. There was even a point Yaz told Ron that in the contract it says they have up to three weeks to get there. We took it as we were being told we were lucky that we were not waiting longer. Deceptive Sales Tactics by California Relocation Systems Our salesman, Mr. Mike Pistano, provided the quote for the moving services over the telephone, which is in conflict with the description in California Relocation Systems’ website. I specifically asked him if he needed to come and look at the items to see how much room they would need. He said no, just to give him the size of the storage units we had our possessions stored in. This seemed to make sense because the two storage units containing our furniture easily approximated the amount of truck space needed to move our possessions. I also informed Mr. Pistano that we had some items at the rental house that also needed to be included with the move and I described these items and also sent him pictures. Based on this information, Mr. Pistano gave us a quote of $9,877.92 and that was allegedly including a manager’s discount of $3,577.09. We accepted the amount because we felt (after looking at others) this was reasonable. When the workers got everything packed and loaded in the truck, according to Armin, the amount went up to $15,338.00 because instead of 2,600 cubic feet (CF), there was more than 3,600 CF used in the trucks. At that point, we had to write a check for $7,838.00 because everything was packed into the trucks and only then were we advised us of the change of cost. There wasn’t even a warning that it could cost more. There really wasn’t much we could do at the point; they really put us on a spot. We believe we were the victims of deceptive sales tactics by Mr. Pistano. Now that we look back, his “manager’s discount” appears to simply have been a reduction in the estimated volume to create the illusion of a reduced price, only to get placed in the position of having to pay the full price per CF for the actual truck space used. It is clear that we were the victims of fraudulent sales practices because if the volume had been estimated correctly by Mr. Pistano initially resulting in a cost of $9,877.92, why were two 26-foot long trucks dispatched for our possessions? One of the trucks was filled up, but the other was only about one-third full. Obviously, California Relocation Systems knew the actual volume was going to be substantially more than the 2,600 CF estimated initially over the telephone by Mr. Pistano. We were instructed to have $2,612 either in cash or a Postal Money Order available to pay the drivers when the trucks arrived in Sequim, WA. The driver, Yaz, demanded this last payment before they would unload the trucks. Mike Pistano had told me that other customers had attempted to cancel their personal checks or reverse credit card payments in the past, thus creating the current policy of cash or Postal Money Order only. Based on the experience we have had with California Relocation Systems, it is abundantly clear why other customers would take such action. Damage Sustained as a Result of the Move by California Relocation Systems In our past, we have moved our possessions ourselves. Although we are not professional movers, we understand that travelling hundreds of miles exposes the contents of a moving truck to vibrations, jostling, bumps, potholes, swerving, and braking and acceleration movements. As such, we have always tied the contents of a moving truck down with straps, ropes, and bungee cords. It was disheartening to see that none of our possessions were tied down by California Relocation Systems for our move from Escondido, CA to Sequim, WA. Another selling point for California Relocation Systems as indicated by Mr. Pistano was that they do not pile items on top of each other. Obviously, this was another lie. We were disheartened by this experience and found California Relocation Systems to be very unprofessional. California Relocation Systems could hide behind regulations, the contract, and your excuses, but you certainly did not back up your promises from your website. During this whole ordeal, the communication was extremely poor (except for Ms. Wade, seems to be the only one that takes her job seriously but she could not possibly do it all) the lack of respect for our items was appalling and the attitude of the drivers was basically “whatever”, which was extremely frustrating. As a customer, our expectation from a company such as California Relocation Systems was to be treated with respect, to pay a fair price for services rendered, and to have our possessions arrive reasonably in the same condition as they were when they were initially loaded into your trucks. They take your money and ignore you the rest of the time Could write so much more do your homework stay away.

Olga Mosher

Do NOT hire... SCAM!!

1.0 rating
July 2, 2019

Great scammers, sweet talk you (Tom, sales ‘consultant’) until they get your deposit, then bone you ( UPcharged $1800.00 per Armin, Jim mis-quote of cubic feet EVEN THOUGH our box count was WAY less than quoted and we eliminated a king size mattress, box spring set and a full 73″ projection TV and entertainment center) AFTER they loaded the truck, then don’t answer calls anymore. Well orchestrated SCAM. Leaving messages is futile. Lost at least 4 boxes (that we know of) and 2 ladders (8ft aluminum, 5ft wooden). When we called to report the issues, we were told they would look into it and a ‘supervisor’ would call us back… That was a week ago. Also have a tote full of dinner China that doesn’t belong to us, seems they don’t care about that either.
Oh, we had to unload our own boxes (many upside down and/or broken open) and unwrap our own furniture as the driver Yaz showed up with NO crew. I’m 68 with a bad back and a disabled wife, if I COULD have moved myself I WOULD have! Unload took 5 hours! So WHAT did we pay for?! He managed to dent our front doorway (brand NEW house) and knocked a bookshelf into a bedroom wall that left a hole! Also, dropped a workbench off the tailgate and bent ALL the legs! All in all, a TOTAL disaster for what SHOULD have been a happy move from CA to UT. Learn from this and hire ANYONE else if you value your belongings and sanity… DO NOT WASTE your time OR money!!

Larry G.